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Why you should consider Paul's Automotive for your automotive maintenence needs:
•  Locally, privately, family owned & operated since 1984.
    Now celebrating over 30 years in business!
•  Modern state-of-the-art facility & equipment.
•  Founder worked professionally in technical automotive maintenence
since at least the early 1970's – well over 40 years.
•  ASE certified master technicians.
•  All makes & models, new & old.
•  All major & minor repairs.
•  Diagnosis of on-board computers & electronics.
•  Air conditioning service.
•  Emissions & safety inspections.
•  Front-end repairs & precision laser alignment.
•  Full brake service.
•  Major engine & drivetrain.
So call now for more information and to make an appointment.
News & Updates:
Important update concerning Utah motor vehicle safety inspection:
    Effective beginning 2018, Utah state lawmakers have decided that for most motor vehicles operating on public roadways, a safety inspection will NO LONGER be required for registration. Drivers will now be held fully responsible for the safe condition of the vehicles they operate. Police officers and highway patrol are tasked, even more so now, to be on the lookout for safety problems on vehicles.
    We at Paul's Automotive still offer full safety inspection services so that you can better know the true condition of your vehicle which is not always obvious to a driver. We will check brakes, steering, suspension, tires and lights and we are currently offering this service at the same low price of $15.00 plus sales tax. This can be done quickly and conveniently when we perform your emissions checking.
    More involved inspections relating to both safety and reliablility can also be performed at higher price points if you need; for example, if you're about to go on a cross country trip. A more involved inspection will also need to have more time scheduled for it and might need to be scheduled more in advance.
    Although safety inspection is no longer required for registration on most vehicles, the laws governing what is considered safe and what is considered unsafe are still in place. This means you can be stopped by state highway patrol, county and local agencies and cited for safety violations. Safety issues can also lead to accidents in which you the vehicle operator might be held liable. Although this service is elective, it is a good idea as it signifcantly improves the safety of yourself, your passengers and all others on the roadways as well as reduces your odds of getting pulled over and/or being cited for a safety violation.
Previous (still pertinent) news items:
We can now also perform emissions testing on 2008 & newer diesel vehicles!
We can now renew you registration on the spot, saving you a trip to the DMV!
     In order for us to do this, a few things are required:
      •  Everything must be up-to-date enough - attempt at entering an on-the-spot registration more than 3 months past expiration might not go through.
      •  Payment must be by credit or debit card.
      •  There's an extra fee of $10.50 (includes tax).
    If these items are not satisfied, your emissions, if required, and safety, if required, test result certificates from us will still be valid – you'll just have to do the actual registration portion of the process the old fashioned way.
M-F 9-1 & 2-6 MT
3938 W. 1700 S.  Syracuse, Utah, USA 84075